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Grammar notes


1. And

     We use 'and' to link two similar ideas in one sentence.

      'And' also suggests addition.

      e.g.  Mary is lazy and naughty.

              Peter likes fries and hamburgers.

              They saw the cat and they liked it.

2.  But

     We use 'but' to contrast two different ideas.

      e.g.  He likes swimming but he doesn't like playing football.

              Mary is clever but she is lazy.

3.  Or

     We use 'or' to suggest choice.

     e.g. Which one do you like, tea or coffee?


4.  So/ Therefore

     We use 'so' to link a situation and a result.

     e.g.  I was hungry so I ate much rice.

             I was late. Therefore I went to school by taxi.

5.  Because

    We use 'because' to explain reasons.

    e.g. I was late because I missed the bus.

           Mary was crying because she lost her school bag.

6.  Although 

    We use 'although' to introduce adverb clauses of concession.

     It is not followed by 'but'.

     e.g.  Although it is raining heavily, Peter is still playing in the



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